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Vance Capley artist’s top 5 YouTube videos may surprise you…they may even delight you. So, let’s begins taking a look at Vance Capley’s top 5 YouTube videos of all time.

Vance Capley artist started his YouTube channel as a part of the promotional materials that he was doing with writer/comic creator Dave Goode. These first videos were hosted by comic book /wrestling superstar, Mr. Incognito. The first episode was huge success. Released March 12 2012, this video has gained 3,544 views.

The next big video recently hit the thousand mark and rose quickly to be Vance Capley next big video. Aug 23, 2019. Based on a challenge to choose public domain superheroes to replace the Avengers, Vance Capley knocked it out of the park with this instant classic, “I have been asked to make an Avengers style team from public domain superheroes. Challenge accepted!” 1,788 views.

Vance Capley’s 3rd most viewed video was the second episode of he and Dave Goode’s Judo Comics TV. Released May 1, 2012. “Welcome back to our next episode. We have fighting cats, Neutron battling his arch enemy, Dr. Kano giving a demonstration on the forgotten martial art, and Mr. Incognito showing off some ultra cool moves. Give us ten minutes and we will thrill you….” 1,016 views

The next video is a video titled, “JUDO COMICS TV FEB 2011”. It was released Jan 28, 2011. In this episode “Mr. Incognito is missing! Dr. Uranus has taken him! Blue Eagle and King Cthulu join the fray! …and don’t forget wrestling and judo!”. The video has just reached 900 views.

On Aug 15, 2010, Vance Capley released a trailer for the upcoming episodes of Judo Comics TV. The piece was edited together like a film trailer and has gained 695 views.

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SHAZAM! Vance Capley Art 2017!

Hello! Welcome to Vance Capley Art!

Glad to see you! Welcome to Vance Capley Art! There is a lot to discuss, so, let’s get started!


What’s Coming Up This Year with Vance Capley Art and How YOU Can Help

Last year was a good year but now it’s a new year. And since it’s a new year,  I wanted to let all of you know that Vance Capley Art is growing by leaps and bounds! We have some MAJOR goals and big surprises for this year and YOU can help in several ways:

  1. Visit our shop, buy some goods, or share the links to friends who may like something you see. So, go check it out. My material is fun for all ages:  http://www.vancecapleyart.com/shop/
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  3. Visit my Vid.me page. Vid.me is the next innovation in online videos. So go visit,share it, and upvote it: https://vid.me/vancecapleyart
  4. Hire Vance Capley (that’s me) for some original art or design projects (contact him for more information): CONTACT
  5. Pray!
  6. Lastly, thank you! You have ALL been awesome! Word of mouth is key and you guys are doing a fantastic job! My work is popping up everywhere.

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Did you watch Shazam! on Saturday mornings on CBS TV way back in the 1970s? I sure did! Enjoy this fun video I recently made. The video tells my own personal history with the show while I’m drawing this really boss picture of Captain Marvel! So go check it out.


The adventures of Bear Man and his pals. Loaded with action and comedy, this all ages book was designed to be fun! 142 pages
The adventures of Bear Man and his pals. Loaded with action and comedy, this all ages book was designed to be fun! 142 pagesSupport independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.



The Grizzly Bear Man collects Vance Capley’s Bear Man comics in an action packed, imaginative, comical, superhero adventure stories. See Bear Man and his pals battle evil world wide…and have fun. As Bear Man says, “What are you waitin’ for kid! Buy the book and have some fun!”

After so many delays the collected Grizzly Bear Man comic is here! Including the conclusion to the Claw story.


By Toni Takahsi Nov 23, 2016, “I absolutely LOVE “Anna Bear”! Next time you do a book, please do a story of her in action! I’m 12 and she is now my favorite superhero! Thank you!”
By Bill Keppley Nov 23, 2016, “Fun, funny, and fantastic!”
By Jude Oats Nov 20, 2016, “STORY: Fun for all ages. As promised no nudity or “bad words”. The stories here are imaginative and fun. Lots of action. Very old school. ART: In some stories, the art appears to be cartoony, while in others, the art is more of the traditional “super-heroic” style. This works well except in The Shapeless Thing From planet 13 story when inker Horace Synder begins inking. It’s a bit of a jar. Overall, The Grizzly Bear Man is fun and at the end of the day, it delivered what it promised…fun. I’d LOVE to give it five stars, but that jump in art style was a bit too much for me. 3 STARS….worth it!”

This awesome full color all ages 142 page collection of fun, action, and comedy is yours for only for a measly $15.99….


In other news, my goal of reaching 10,000 vies on my YouTube channel was achieved. I want to thank each one of you guys who watched, liked, and shared my videos. My new goal is 20,000 BEFORE I hit my 100th video…can it be done? Let’s find out….In the meanwhile, check out my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/astrofist