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I am honored to tell you about the very powerful designs by Find Your Awesome Today LLC…. FYAT

Loving the FYAT Slogans

I love the (FYAT) slogans. They are great “game” fuel. When I start to lag, I look at the slogans. Much like spinach for Popeye…I am charged and ready to go.


“Find Your Awesome Today LLC ( FYAT) has a mission to inspire young girls and women of all ages, to Be Empowered to Find Your Voice, Take Action, Discover and Embrace Your Strength! Take control of what surrounds you and the way that affects your happiness…whether that is a physical, emotional, or spiritual challenge. Many of our designs feature “Erin” who is winking as if to say “I Got This!” Regardless of what your challenges are believe in your strength, power, and inner SuperHero! Tell yourself “I Got This!” and then go crush your goals! How will you Find Your Awesome Today…”

Here’s a great article over at Odyssey about #FYAT creator Tori Weiss HERE.

Where Can I Get #FYAT Shirts?!

On Amazon! You can check out the shirts here: #FYAT

You can follow Find Your Awesome Today LLC on FACEBOOK




This logo is what I’m using for my Christmas sales season:

Why am I discussing this now? Heck, I still have my Jack O’Lantern in my front yard! My early Christmas sales logo should be more like this:This is more truthful of how I actually feel about companies pushing Christmas, or “holiday”,  shopping in November (…now in October).

You can get online and buy anything you want from the “big companies” 24/7. Shipped to your door…..but…..

…there are other guys online. Little guys. Trying to make something better or different than the “big companies”.

Here are ten things you check out for yourself:

  1. COMIC BOOKS: Yes, that’s right comics, in my humble opinion, better and more fun than the “big name publishers”. I enjoy SEA GHOST  and THE UNDERSEA ADVENTURES OF CAPT’N ELI from Jay Piscopo. Great all ages fun!  Makes great stocking stuffers! You can check it out at http://www.captneli.com/index.php

2. MUSIC: I dig The Four Barrel Funeral, The Spook House Saints, Rox, The Creeping Cruds, Sadistic Statistix, Buck Sixx, Hexenhammer, Caligari Dali.…guess what…these are indy muscians! Rock n Roll to Country to Heavy metal to ambient space noise….your home town music is the best! Make their Christmas great and buy them some local music…..

3. LOCAL/HOMETOWN RADIO STATIONS: I-heart and Accuradio are kind of neat, but your own local radio station is there…in your hometown! Playing requests from other people in your own hometown. “Can you play Hark the Herald?” The stations are supported by local businesses too. Here are stations we can get in our hometown >>>>RADIO<<<<<

4. LOCAL BUSINESSES: I get my prints for shows, CD test covers, test images, concert art, etc, etc from CopyCats Print Services in Columbia TN because they treat me like family, they go above and beyond, and quite frankly, they are the best in the business. Make your DIY Christmas cards with their help. Add some cool stuff to a friends PC or just fix it up with Anubis Tech Designs.

5. SHARE A LOCAL ARTISTS WEBSITE WITH FRIENDS: This is a gift for a local artist you know. I dig Eddie Price, Ricky Blalocksmallbrushes.com and Quan McFall off the top of my head.

6. LOCAL RESTAURANTS: After shopping grab a bite at your favorite local eatery. I dig Red 7 Pizza Company here in Columbia, TN. Heck, take a friend out to eat for Christmas there….mmmmm pizza.

7. RECORD SHOP:  Our local record shop, Variety Records, has concerts, local music, CDs, t-shirts,  record players, and, of course, records. Music lovers love music. Get your vinyl on!

8. LOCAL COMIC SHOPS/ BOOK STORES: Buy comics new and old! Buys gaming goodies as well. Shop from your local comic shop! We have Game Knight in Columbia TN…and Lawrenceburg, TN. Good people. Great fun….great place to get some gifts for the gaming or comic book fans. We have two book shops Melody’s One Stop Book Shoppe and Duck River Books and they are great!

9. LOCAL PARADES: These are fun, free, and local. See your friends and neighbors. Spread that holiday cheer! We have two in Columbia, TN…Christmas and Mule Day!

10. VANCECAPLEYART.COM: You didn’t think I’d go without mentioning my website as a local Christmas shopping destination did you? Make sure you visit my shop. I thank you.

Help support local businesses this year.

Merry way too early to think about Christmas.

Vance Capley