Monster Magazine issue 7 Frankenstein is here!

Monster Magazine has risen from the grave again and this time it has brought with it Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. In this fun filled issue, Monster magazine discussing Jack Pierce’s make-up that gave Karloff that Frankenstein look.

Monster Magazine goes back in time to take a look at the first Frankenstein film from 1910.

Also in this issue, Monster Magazine talks about how Frankenstein 1931’s design influenced other monster film makers.

Monster Magazine issue 7 contains has comics by Vance Capley, Silm Carody, and Rob X. Roman.

Dave Goode delights us with one of his blogs about monster mash up films as well as a comic of Mr. Incognito with art by Vance Capley.

And an amazing cover by artist extraordinaire, Ricky Blalock.

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A limited print run was produced in Tennessee and is available now. These feature the “made in Tennessee” bullet on the cover, a different inside back cover, and the FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD full-color back cover.

This limited print run will be signed by both Ricky Blalock and Vance Capley. AND this limited print run includes the original series 1 trading cards and well as the all new series 2 trading cards. Both sets are signed and UNCUT!

This deal is currently available for the U.S. ONLY.

Monster Magazine no.7 special limited print run signed by Ricky Blalock and Vance Capley, series 1 and the new series 2 trading cards uncut and signed by Ricky Blalock, mailed to your door for $25 plus $5 shipping and handling.

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      Great to hear from you! We are still trying to work out the financial bugs on mailing out of the States. I’ll post when we figure something out.

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