Monster Magazine combo pack two is here and it is good!

Our first combo pack did very well. We wanted to do a new one, but how could we top ourselves?

Issues 3 & 4…and the brand new series one trading cards! That’s how!

Get Monster Magazine 3&4 signed editions and our series one trading cards

You will receive signed copies of Monster Magazine issues 3 and 4 plus Monster Magazine series one trading cards combo pack (9 cards, one sticker, and the back of the cards make super cool mini-poster)!

Monster Magazine issue 3 is our VINCENT PRICE SPECIAL! In issue number three, we have Nashevil, Tennescream’s horror host most horrible, Dr. Gangrene! We chat with him about how he became our horror host AND we ask him what is the definitive Vincent Price film. Dave Goode (Goode Stuff Blog) discusses THE PIT & THE PENDULUM. Marc Ballard reviews FULL MOON TATTOO & HORROR Festival 2018. We take a “lurk” at the art of Rob E. Brown. Wayne Judge discusses the Gold Key Comics Dark Shadows comic series. And speaking of comics we wrap it up with SKYPHANTOM SR-71,  a strip by Vance Capley.”

“24 pages of fun! And as always we have a GREAT new cover by super-artist Ricky Blalock!”

AND in Monster Magazine no. 4,we take a lurk at Bela Lugosi and Dracula in this issue! Read about Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and John Carradine as Dracula! Read about some of Bela Lugosi’s Monogram movies from cinema past! A fang-tastic interview with Dr. Jeff Thompson about Dark Shadows, Dan Curtis, and much more! Horror Host of the Month Dr. Lucifur! And comics by Slim Carody and Rob X. Roman! Monster Magazine #4 sports a great cover by Ricky Blalock, with articles by Dave Goode, Vance Capley, David Walker, Wayne Judge, and Johann Schmidt.

Monster Magazine series one trading cards $2.99 plus $1 S&H

You also have the option to buy our new card series separate.

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