I am honored to tell you about the very powerful designs by Find Your Awesome Today LLC…. FYAT

Loving the FYAT Slogans

I love the (FYAT) slogans. They are great “game” fuel. When I start to lag, I look at the slogans. Much like spinach for Popeye…I am charged and ready to go.


“Find Your Awesome Today LLC ( FYAT) has a mission to inspire young girls and women of all ages, to Be Empowered to Find Your Voice, Take Action, Discover and Embrace Your Strength! Take control of what surrounds you and the way that affects your happiness…whether that is a physical, emotional, or spiritual challenge. Many of our designs feature “Erin” who is winking as if to say “I Got This!” Regardless of what your challenges are believe in your strength, power, and inner SuperHero! Tell yourself “I Got This!” and then go crush your goals! How will you Find Your Awesome Today…”

Here’s a great article over at Odyssey about #FYAT creator Tori Weiss HERE.

Where Can I Get #FYAT Shirts?!

On Amazon! You can check out the shirts here: #FYAT

You can follow Find Your Awesome Today LLC on FACEBOOK



Vance Capley’s Teepublic Store GIGANTIC Sale!!!!

Vance Capley’s Teepublic Store GIGANTIC Sale!!!!

Vance Capley’s Teepublic Store Gigantic Sale!!

April 18th – 22nd

Everything is up to 30% off!

That’s $14 tees, $30 crewnecks, $20 phone cases, and way more.


Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar!

Vance Capley’s YouTube Channel Celebrates 10 Years

Vance Capley’s YouTube Channel Celebrates 10 Years

Vance Capley’s YouTube Channel is available here: Vance Capley currently has over 130 videos on YouTube. These videos include art instruction, interviews, animation, music videos, movie reviews, comedy, and experimental films.

Though he joined YouTube August 8th 2007, he’s didn’t post his first video until March 12th 2008.

Vance Capley’s First YouTube Video

His first video with his comic book partner and “goode” friend, Dave Goode. The video was titled JUDO COMICS TV EP1.wmv.

“The first episode of Judo Comics T.V. presents the world of cult tv and film, comic books, and of course judo. Judo is the forgotten martial art, but we hope that with this series that will change. Click to 480 for better viewing.”….and that’s how it began.

10th Anniversary Celebration

He has no plans to stop anytime soon… “I have some major plans for 10th year . More instructional videos. More fun videos. Hopefully more interviews. I am also going to do a retrospective video to be posted sometime in April 2018.”

“I want to say thank to everyone who has watched my YouTube channel!”, says artist Vance Capley.

As they say on YouTube…


About Vance Capley

When I was a little kid, before I could talk. My Mom said that I wanted some water, but I couldn’t say it. She said I grabbed a piece of paper and drew a picture of water…..

I’m VANCE CAPLEY. I was born May 1972. I’m a self-taught artist who has worked in various mediums, including drawing, painting and graphic design, for over 20 years. I’ve done artwork for musicians, publishers, and video production companies. I even write and illustrate my own publications. I’m truly blessed to do what I love to do. I hope, that when you see my work, the joy I experienced as I made these, shines brightly and makes your day.

You can support Mr. Capley’s work by visiting the SHOP.