Phantom Gorilla 11×17 Art for sale.

By Posted in - General News on July 6th, 2017

In this video, you see me (Vance Capley) and my pal Dave Goode working in my home office on a new Phantom Gorilla Piece!

Dave came down to Tennessee to visit with me and the family. But…we also worked. We began work on some new material. Cool stuff for the future. Stuff I hope to show you soon, by the way. For now, I want to tell you what this particular video is all about. You see, he and I love “gorilla suit movies”….you can see how much by reading his GOODE STUFF blog on the subject. While preparing for his blog and video (yes sir, there is a video of out tomfoolery), I had to draw a pic of Dave’s super-gorilla, the Phantom Gorilla!

The Phantom What?!

The Phantom Gorilla is definitely a throwback to the good old days of creature features and other B movie fun. A mad scientist knocks out a local athlete and puts his brain in a gorilla. The gorilla becomes a superhero. When writer creator Dave Goode told me that idea, I had some reservations, but they quickly disappeared as I began work on the story for Judo Comics…which you can grab here through this “Link”:

A New Piece for the Blog



Dave commissioned me to draw a piece for his blog with the Judo Comics favorite, the Phantom Gorilla. I sort of took him by surprise when i finished the pencils in 45 minutes and then inks and colors two hours later. I had some test copies printed at my favorite copy place in the whole world, CopyCats Print Services, LLC in Columbia, TN. They looked FANTASTIC!!! So, with permission from created Dave Goode, I’m producing 11×17 posters of that very piece of art. You can grab yours in the shop or click this link:×17-poster-vance-capley/

The Original Art

The original art IS for sale. For more information please message me.


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  • Dave Goode - Reply

    July 6, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Fantastic piece!!! When I decided to do a homage to Silver Age gorillas I knew there was only one person to illustrate it…Vance Capley!!!

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