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Welcome to the Jazzacid Club

Charles Gammage is going to be killed in the next two days. His estranged wife, Laura Lake, stands to gain millions of dollars if he dies. She hires Ringo Gunner, private investigator, to take photos. Proof of her innocence. He does this. Fancy restaurants. Fancy shops. And finally the all night laundromat. The man is killed. Ringo studies the local papers. Various newspaper things. Sports. Weather. Births. Accidents. A Jane Doe. …and of course the murder of Charles Gammage. Lake comes to get the pics. Ringo wants to hold on to them in case they are needed for a trial. She storms off. Ringo knows something isn’t right and the mystery begins…

The History Behind Jazzacid

I started writing this around 2001. I later wrote and drew a graphic novel. My art and story telling skills were not yet mature enough to properly present the material they way I saw it in my mind’s eye.

Time has gone by, and after years of practice, I’m happy with my art and writing skills. I hope that it shows.

From a laundromat way back in 2001 to your eyes, here in they year 2017.

Vance Capley

See the first 10 pages here:


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