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“Welcome to the start of a brand new series. I had to learn everything I know about graphic design with little help. At times I wanted to pull my hair out. So, many moons later, I’m doing this for YOU. This is designed to help almost ANYONE learn how to do graphic design. Today, a simple red rubber ball.”- Vance Capley DIY GRAPHIC DESIGN E01S01

I, just like anyone else, have to learn things by doing. That’s how I’ve learned what I’ve learned about graphic design. I apply these experiences to my work. People like what I do. The same people have asked me to explain how I do what I do. They asked if I could make videos to teach what I do. I decided to go for it and make a web series for YouTube and


  • I didn’t want to go all the way back to the basics of graphic design. I wanted to present a brief program that taught exactly what was in the video description. Episode one shows how to make a ball. The next episode is about lettering. I felt that direct and to the point would be best. People are wanting the information or they wouldn’t be looking it up.
  • I decided to let the material speak for itself and not narrate the videos. Graphic design is what the videos are about so let’s let graphic design do it’s job.
  • Keep the videos brief. I had to sit through a 18 minute long video just to learn how to add shadows to png images. The job was low pay to begin with, but on a job, time (or the loss thereof) costs more than the actual work.
  • Use my own music. This one is personal choice. I’ve tons of songs I’ve written and recorded on my hard drive. So there are no copyright problems.
  • Try to post at least one episode a week and build a catalog of graphic design knowledge.


I’m still learning new things about graphic design on a daily basis. Hopefully, what knowledge I’ve gained, and am sharing with the viewers, will be beneficial. I’m going to continue to study new and different techniques. Then I’ll make videos on how I do it. The final goal is a helpful weekly web series designed to help creative people.


I make many different types of videos (DRAW TV, SUNDOWN CINEMA, TODAY IS TUESDAY….FACT!, JUDO COMICS TV, SPOOK SHOW, animation, and advertising). If anyone is interested in seeing them, I suggest checking YouTube and I’m available for projects as well.


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Here is more information about graphic design:

I use the GIMP program. It’s free to use and you can read more at

Vance Capley JAZZACID mystery comic

Vance Capley presents JAZZACID online mystery comic

Welcome to the Jazzacid Club

Charles Gammage is going to be killed in the next two days. His estranged wife, Laura Lake, stands to gain millions of dollars if he dies. She hires Ringo Gunner, private investigator, to take photos. Proof of her innocence. He does this. Fancy restaurants. Fancy shops. And finally the all night laundromat. The man is killed. Ringo studies the local papers. Various newspaper things. Sports. Weather. Births. Accidents. A Jane Doe. …and of course the murder of Charles Gammage. Lake comes to get the pics. Ringo wants to hold on to them in case they are needed for a trial. She storms off. Ringo knows something isn’t right and the mystery begins…

The History Behind Jazzacid

I started writing this around 2001. I later wrote and drew a graphic novel. My art and story telling skills were not yet mature enough to properly present the material they way I saw it in my mind’s eye.

Time has gone by, and after years of practice, I’m happy with my art and writing skills. I hope that it shows.

From a laundromat way back in 2001 to your eyes, here in they year 2017.

Vance Capley

See the first 10 pages here:


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